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British Columbia Frequency Modulation Communications Association

VE7RPT Coverage Maps

Here are some theoretical coverage maps for VE7RPT.

The maps show signal strength in "S-units" with colors at the beginning of the rainbow being stronger (red, orange, yellow...). Teal approximates a signal strength of about S5. Green approximates a signal strength of S9 or stronger.

The maps below show coverage based on VE7RPT-VHF, including losses for duplexer and cables, and gain from antenna. The mobile unit is based on a hand-held radio with a "rubber duck" antenna.

The map below is for VE7RPT transmitting 60w from Mt. Seymour.

The map below is for VE7RPT transmitting 1W from Mt. Seymour.

Click here to see coverage in the City of Vancouver in more detail... from Mt. Seymour.

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