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British Columbia Frequency Modulation Communications Association

VE7RPT 146.940 MHz (-600 kHz) (PL 136.5Hz*)

"RPT-2m" is BCFMCA's primary repeater. It serves as the hub of all activity because of its controller, which offers a variety of features to the users.

With a ERP of about 400W at full power, this machine can really belt out a good signal. Coverage extends from the east side of Vancouver Island to Hope, and as far south as various parts of northwest Washington (depending on mountains). We've been told you can hit the repeater from the top of the Space Needle in Seattle, WA with a HT on a good day!

Because of its wide footprint, this machine is generally used as a calling repeater, as well as for short QSO's. In the event of an emergency, this is one of the primary co-ordination frequencies used in the Lower Mainland.

RPT-2m proudly runs an all Motorola RF deck. The power amplifier is rated for 100W continuous duty and has been modified for two switchable power levels. The power amplifier has a Sinclair Labs ferrite isolator installed on its output. The controller, manufactured by Link Communications, is an RLC-3 with DVR-1 and Input/Output options.

This repeater also is connected to a 2-channel receiver voter system. The voter selects the best signal into the repeater from the main receiver on Mt. Seymour, and a satellite receiver located on Vancouver General Hospital (VGH). The satellite receiver allows for improved coverage of the English Bay and Kits Beach areas of downtown Vancouver.

*The machine is normally configured for carrier access (no tone required). However, it does transmit a PL tone of 136.5Hz on its output. This allows users to set their radios for PL decode to reduce intermod problems (in their radio).

This machine is has an autopatch, digital voice recorder, AC/Fuse/Circuit Breaker fail detect, and is battery backed.

Description Manufacturer Model
Transmitter Motorola TLD5802A
Receiver Motorola TLD5782AV
Power Amplifier Motorola TLD1692D1
Chassis Motorola TLN5644A
Controller Link Comm. RLC-3
Duplexer Sinclair Labs. Q2330E
Ferrite Isolator Sinclair Labs. I2112A
Feedline Andrew "Heliax" LDF5-50A
Antenna Sinclair Labs. SRL-210C4

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Click here to see modification information for VE7RPT-VHF to make it easier to run of 12V and interface to the controller.